Your hosts: Image & Form Games, Mindark, Hello There, 1337 Game Design, Zoink Games, Skygoblin, Palringo and Ghost!

We’re a bunch of video game companies from the west of Sweden that figured that even though we really enjoy attending video game conferences, nothing really beats the social events surrounding these industry gatherings. We love meeting new people and learning new things, so we decided to create an event that focuses on just that!

A fun and casual get-together for game developers

This event is all about getting together with our fellow developers in a relaxed and casual setting with a beer in our hands. But we’re also joined by our friends from some of the major game distribution channels, and the good people behind some of the amazing products and tools that we use in our daily work.

Bring your laptop or tablet

We will have tables available for you to set up your laptop or tablet if you want to show other people what you’re working on right now.

Just three hours away from the Nordic Game Conference

The event is held on May 17th, which is right before this year’s Nordic Game Conference starts in Malmö. If you’re already planning on going there, it’s worth mentioning that Gothenburg is just three hours away by car or train.

Guest speaker: Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards, Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), will join us!

Kate has recently made headlines in her brave stance against online harassment, for diversity in the game industry, and against crunch among game developers. At GDL, she will present the IGDA, show us how we, as a Gothenburg (or even Swedish) game development community, can benefit from building an engaged grassroots’ organization among ourselves.

In her role as a culturalization consultant, she has worked on many blockbuster games for 20+ years, including recently “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. In 2013, Fortune Magazine named her as one of the “10 most powerful women in the game industry”.

Guest speaker: Riley Cooper

Riley Cooper (Lead Designer at Ghost Games) will present Gothenburg from the view point of a Californian developermoving to Gothenburg to make games. What is his impressions? What quirks and oddities has he encountered after moving here,and what can we learn, as a game developer community from working across international boundaries and across cultural divides?

Riley has been working at Crystal Dynamics for over a decade as a Designer or Lead Designer on a number Tomb Raider games, and the Legacy of Kain series.

Just RSVP and we’ll see you there!

We’d be delighted for you to join us and share this magical evening in Gothenburg. All you have to do is to RSVP by clicking the button below to let us know you’ll be there.

Click here to RSVP!

Game Developers Lounge Gothenburg

Date: May 17th, 2016 (doors open at 5:30 PM)
Location: Visual Arena Lindholmen, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg, Sweden



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